Both Sabal Trail and Florida Power & Light (FPL) will have a team of experts which includes appraisers, engineers and other experts  they deem necessary working on their behalf to acquire the property for the pipeline. As a property owner, you have the right to legal representation and to be fully compensated for your land. By retaining an attorney during this process, we can advocate for your full compensation for the taking of your land.


Last year, Mr. Policastro successfully stopped the taking of private property in Pasco County Circuit Court when a gas company tried to place a block valve site on his client’s large acreage planned unit development property. The result was that Mr. Policastro on behalf of his client, was  able to negotiate with the gas company for substantially more compensation and to place the block valve at our client’s preferred location.

This case illustrates why property owners facing an eminent domain taking by Sabal Trail or FPL should hire an attorney who specializes in the practice area of eminent domain to ensure their rights are fully protected whether it is contesting the taking of private property or ensuring full compensation is paid by the utility company. Retaining a qualified eminent domain attorney can put an owner on an equal footing with the condemning authority and greatly reduce the stress an owner may otherwise experience by trying to go it alone in a process that can be overwhelming.


Florida Natural Gas Pipeline Project

Florida Gas Pipeline Project